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It's a Magical Life!

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{Working For a Mouse}

"Who's the leader of the Club that's paying you and me?"

Working for one of the largest entertainment companies in the world can, of course, have it's ups and downs. Some days can be the most magical you've ever had, and then you come in the next day and all hell has broken loose and you just want to turn around and pretend you never clocked in. *Cue the Hunger Games*

But through it all, we come back to work; clock in, clock out, repeat. 

 The question, though, that has actually been asked a lot recently is why?

Why do you work where millions upon millions of people from around the world come to vacation/complain/make a mess/wreak havoc/drive you INSANE? Why put yourself in such a stressful situation? Granted, I don't have it even half as bad as the over 70,000 Cast Members that work on WDW property (you the true MVP's) But even so, it can still get pretty crazy.

And there are some guests that are amazing and wonderful and you never want them to leave! But there's also guests that can be a little "out there". Take for example, during our busy season at Disney's Vero Beach Resort (May-Sept.), I have seen guests get into actual fights over CHAIRS on our pool deck, or throw an absolute fit if their child didn't receive a medal during the water slide races because they took 20 SECONDS TO GET DOWN, or maybe their QUICK SERVICE burger wasn't cooked to their liking of MEDIUM RARE..... Honestly I just can't.... And this isn't anywhere close to what CM's have to deal with in WDW. If you have ever watched some of the "Parking Pet Peeves" or "Worst Shifts to Work" videos and stories, you've heard first hand some of the crazy things guests do on a DAILY BASIS! But it's the truth! Some guests are just, for lack of a better term, "out there"

So why deal with all of the crazy? Why accept a pay check for getting yelled at by thousands of angry moms every day?

Because of one simple thing; MAGIC.

Seeing the eyes of both children and adults alike light up when they get their first glimpse of the castle, meeting the Big Boss Man in his many colorful outfits,  eating their first Dole Whip, or riding their first roller coaster. Hearing the gasps of sheer delight during the shows and parades, the children's laughter as they run to the beach for the first time, and getting to help create and enjoy each of these moments side by side with the guests. That is why. Every person that puts on that Disney Name tag is in the business of Making Magic.

True, the benefits that come along with being a CM are pretty amazing. And there are some that are strictly there for the paycheck. But there are so many of us that are here solely for the joy of it all. From the simple smiles and high fives, to the grand gestures, and everything in between. We do what we do because

We Create Happiness

And if you have any fun, crazy, amazing guests stories you want to share,I want to read them! Email or DM me!

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Disney is Magic <3

Until Next Time! xoxo